Airtel Ghana Invests In network expansion

Airtel Ghana is investing $59 million in a network services expansion drive with an emphasis on revamping data services.


The investment is part of the company’s plans to offer exceptional data experience to customers grappling with unreliable services that have often triggered public protests. 
Ghana’s telecommunication companies experience frequent cable cuts attributed to various reasons. At least 2,110 cuts were recorded last year with three-quarters of them blamed on road construction, small-scale illegal mining, theft, vandalism and bush fires.
The companies often raise alarm over the spate of cable cuts that seriously affect service delivery. Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications is working with relevant ministries to slash the number of cable cuts, a phenomenon that is disrupting services for millions of subscribers. Airtel Ghana’s investment package is expected to position the company as the network with the best data offering in the West African country where the use of smartphones is increasing rapidly.


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