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Ferm Media is full service advertising agency providing services to its customers since 1998. It is one of the leading media agencies that support companies in their brand formation with creative and media contributions. It carries out its works totally from a professional point of view. Its remarkable works were awarded by the 16th National Advertisement Awards in 2004 organized by the advertising agency in Turkey for its project called “We Lost Mr. & Mrs Brown!” it arranged for Global English Language School. This project was granted with the winning award in press branch and with the Jury Special award which is the greatest award that can be granted to an advertising agency.


Services provided Ferm Media


African Business Life:

African Business Life, the first and only Africa Commerce Magazine in Turkey, started its publication in 2012. Currently it is distributed to 20 countries. Each issue is distributed to minimum 5 countries. Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria are the countries with constant distribution.  The magazine includes advertisements, news and interviews of companies as well as introduction about countries and cities. The magazine aims to gather businessmen with a common ground on Africa in order to conclude new commercial contracts and to increase the popularity of existing brands.


Led Billboard Publishing:

Ferm Media Ghana Ltd was established in 2014 in Ghana and started open air advertising in Ghana providing its customers with services in this field. First location selected was the entrance gate of the Accra International Exhibition Venue and its services started with 15 m2 giant led screen installed there. Giant led screens will be installed to 4 other locations in 2015.


Media Planning and Purchasing:

Target audience of companies is determined and purchasing and publication plans are made after deciding which media (radio, television, billboard, newspaper) is better for the company.


Interactive Agency Services:

Companies are analyized in the best manner and services are provided like web design and software solutions, mobile applications, e-commerce solutions, social media management and internet advertising.



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