So far our knowledge about Africa has been based on the image shown by Europe. How was the Africa they told us about? Hungry and poor….. We have never been able to look at Africa through our own window. Therefore, Turkey has always been weak in producing policies for Africa.
Yes, there are many regions in Africa that are within the starvation line. But what was the reason of this hunger and poverty? The answer is known by the entire world. Colonies… Usual strategy of Europe… Did Africa have insufficient sources? No, it didn’t… If it was left alone, not fettered and not pulled back, Africa could be one of the richest and modern regions and greatest economies of the world. Why? African continent has very rich underground sources and fertile agriculture fields to feed all of the world.
What Africa needs is not the economic aids but the proper management of its resources. Turkey should help Africa in the utilization of these resources. It should provide this assistance on its own and not get into a partnership with any of the colonial powers in the region. Our relations based on trust should never be damaged.
It would be better to give up talking about the poverty of Africa and use the word pairs of Africa-aid, Africa-poverty, etc. The removal of this image of poor Africa will enable the African people to gain their self confidence. Instead, we should use the concepts of Africa-development and Africa-growth more often and try to promote the cultural and economic wealth of Africa so that we can create a change in the conceptual framework on Africa. I already mentioned in our previous issue: “It is time for Africa”. This is not only us who says that, but Africa itself cries out this fact: “It is my time now”. This is such a cry that Africa will not allow any chain or fetter from now on. Those who caused Africa have this past experience now start to live the same story for themselves. They become Africanized (!) as they call it. Africa is looking for honest investors. We are connected to Africa by heart and establishing links of heart. Now we should be very careful about this link in our steps in Africa. We should not try to sell goods only but also try to purchase goods. If it is possible to import the goods from Africa instead of other countries, let us import them from this continent of these beautiful people. Let us establish partnerships and create employment. When we start doing these, Africa will be unstoppable. Turkey will become a very important partner for Africa and it is certain that the people of Africa will soon achieve their deserved value and position.

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