Local player of the world solar power plant sector Hizmark Group

Hizmark Group that undertakes important projects in solar energy applications also plays an active role in non-governmental organisations and events like fairs, seminars and congresses to contribute to the development of the sector in our country. The company recently included LED lighting systems to its portfolio that aims at a more efficient use of energy sources. Hizmark’s goal is to carry its expertise to the international markets.


Hizmark Group, one of Turkey’s leading companies in solar energy applications, added another service to its operations realised for the sector to contribute to the country’s economy. Founded in 2004 to operate in alternative energy and energy efficiency and one of the founders of Solar Power Industry and Industrialists (GENSED), an organisation that has been working in solar power applications in Turkey, stands out with effective applications on LED lighting systems. Thanks to its domestic and foreign agencies, Hizmark aims at establishing a wide distributor network and having a solid presence in international markets. The company’s motto is quite significant in a time when energy resources have been rapidly diminishing: “Let us use our energy efficiently and found tomorrow’s world together.” By offering BYD Panel PV, EPC and O &M services as a package, Hizmark provides significant advantages to clients. 
In addition to realising successful projects in its sector, Hizmark Group is also BYD’s primary distributor in Turkey. BYD is a major manufacturer in China, the only company that American Warren Buffet, one of the major investors in the world, made investments in China. With a wide product range from plates to panels and a production capacity of 1 GW/year, BYD offers quality and durable products which helps Hizmark to provide services beyond expectations. Hizmark offers effective solutions with products which can be integrated to BYD’s electric vehicles and battery energy storage technology. 
Also cooperating with Sun Energy that has an expertise in solar power plants EPC over 300 MW, Hizmark yields successful results in turn-key projects that it undertakes. 
Solar energy plant projects include more than taking field measurements and building solar panels afterwards. The last phase, operation and management (O&M) services are also crucial in terms of the plant’s lifetime and efficiency. Hizmark gives operation and management services of the projects under its responsibility with the biggest solar energy company of the Balkans, Solarpro. These services include SCADA monitoring system, video monitoring, energy accounting, technical protection and repair tools, PV panel cleaning and operational PV plant fields. 
Hizmark Group provides the services it offers in cooperation with its world leader partners in Solar PV, EPC and O&M areas separately as well as a package deal. 


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