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New Shining star of the construction sector: AYD YAPI

There have been great improvements in last 10 years in the construction sector of Turkey. We used to know that the biggest construction companies of Turkey are always located in Istanbul. This year, Eskişehir, the cradle of Anatolia, changed our mind. AYD Construction did great jobs in Eskişehir for 13 years and now started to expand to Africa. Our pleasant chat with Mr. Orhan Aydın, Head of the Board of the Directors of AYD Construction, indicated that we would hear the name of AYD Construction more frequently.

Mr. Orhan Aydın, can you give us some information about AYD Construction?

We carry out construction projects in Eskişehir for around 13 years. I believe that we had great contribution to the structuring process of Eskişehir. So far we have always given particular importance to security and quality. For us, security consists of two steps: firstly, building safe constructions against earthquake and secondly not to let down people’s trust. If you can add quality to these elements, then you will be become a trustworthy and popular brand name. The number of flats we constructed is more than 3000.

This number will increase incrementally since our new vision covers urban transformation projects in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Africa is also within our objectives.

New Shining star of the construction sector: AYD YAPI

You have started a new project in Eskişehir which has been launched as the first and only brand housing project of Eskişehir. Can you tell us about this project?

We started the brand housing project which is a first in Eskişehir. Most of the previous projects focused on the satisfaction of accommodation requirements. However, with the new housing projects in the form of building estate, we planned that the buildings would be a living area not only a place of accommodation. Our project is called Drusilya Houses. It covers an area of 38,000 square meters. 16.800 m2 is allocated as green area. We realized many innovations in this project. We use solar energy to supply power to pools and common areas. We construct dedicated sports halls under each block. We apply water treatment to the mains water and provide houses with treated water. We set up a vacuum cleaner system to each room which avoids carrying the vacuum cleaner from room to room. Another feature we consider important is that we separate man and woman swimming pools and saunas. In addition, all material will be quality brands.

We have heard that you established a company in Libya. Can we assume that AYD Construction has expanded to overseas now?

Yes, we set up a company in Libya around 1 year ago with a local partner. It was our long-awaited plan to expand to overseas. Libya is under a restructuring process and we will start our works as of the beginning of 2014. Now we want to realize our previous experience in Libya.

So is your company in Libya the first step to Africa? Can you tell us about your view on Africa?

Of course, Libya will be a very important experience for us to expand to Africa. We target at many countries of Africa. There may be a possible visit to Ghana. Again, we are ready to evaluate all kinds of projects in Africa like houses, superstructure, infrastructure, air ports and state buildings. We have sufficient capacity to deal with this kind of works with regard to our team and experience. Everything is clear about Africa. We shouldn’t be late for Africa which is a candidate to become one of the biggest markets of the world. This fact being obvious, we cannot close our eyes and sit. We also want to play our role in the deserved structuring of Africa. Our African brothers well deserve such a restructuring


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