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A place is not yours if you don’t have Access to it. You cannot support a place where you cannot Access to.

Arda Group has won the USD 165 million contract for fresh water treatment facility which is the first state contract won by a Turkish contracting company in Ghana and we made an interview with Serpil Öztürk, CEO, about Arda Group and about the project:

Can you tell us about Arda Group first?
Arda Group;  It consists of family companies where the board of management contains the second generation. The group is totally a system organization with its corporate structure and rules.

Arda Group’s  main sector is construction.

It holds qualification and job completions in the fields of infrastructure construction like fresh water pipe lines and city waterworks, petroleum pipe lines, petroleum storage tanks, main road, junction and pavement.

It holds qualification and job completions in the fields of superstructure construction like turnkey buildings, school, hospital, and hotel, and anchorage, steel construction, supporting curtains, pile, bridge, house and real estate. Arda Group has an experience of 38 years where it applies specialized, fast, quality and practical construction solutions.


How is the corporate culture of Arda Group?  
We have a profile with pioneer viewpoint in each stages which is open to change and improvement, inquisitive, reaching information by search not by hearing, questioning, reliable, supportive and sharing, embracing and sacrificing, and believing in professional team work.

Can you give us brief information on the Fresh Water Treatment Plant Project? What will this project provide the People of Ghana?

The earth is only planet with life thanks to water. 70% of this blue planet is covered with water but access to fresh water is not fairly shared. This unfair share can clearly be seen in Africa, a forgotten country with its rich natural and underground resources.

As Arda Group, we carry our experience to Africa determinedly. We are proud to offer all our knowledge and experience to Ghana and all Africa.

With this project,  river water will be carried and water treatment plants will be constructed to provide fresh water by using the most advanced technology of the world in the cities of Akım Oda, Winneba and Akwatie in Ghana. Treated water will be carried to people’s homes through pipe lines and make people have fresh water at their homes.

The project with a total value of USD 165 million covers a construction area of 3.000.000 sqm providing fresh water to 2.000.000 people. 350 people work in the project together with 100 Turkish engineers. We are proud to serve friendly Ghana and all Africa.

We know that this is not your only project in the African countries. Can you give us brief information about your other project?
We carry out work improvement and make initiatives in every field of construction. We evaluate and work on all projects.  We make searches in Libya, Tanzania and other countries of Africa, there are plans and preliminary agreements about the projects in different countries. We will keep you informed when the contracts are finalized.


We have heard that you will start marine transportation to Africa. What would you like to say about that?
We,Arda Group, start operation of our company which will carry out marine freight shipment directly to Africa that will be a first in the world despite all challanges. We started work for the Tuna line under the name of Tuna Holding A.Ş. Our investment target is to carry out direct freight shipment toAfrica in 19 days without stopping by any other ports and to do the same from Africa to Turkey.

As a person working with these regions for years, what would like to tell Turkish and African businessmen?

My modest comment would be that first business conditions should be determined well and both parties should decide their expectations and rights where expectation should remain fixed. Communication is very important, talks should be very clear and consistent, you should understand and explain very well. Most importantly, a road map should be drawn for a lasting cooperation and this map should be followed so that no labour is wasted.


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